She walks alone


She walks alone the lonely lane
Tears rolling down her cheeks
Brightened by the rising sun
And those vying to let her go.

Chilled breeze of the winter morning
Playing with her unkempt hairs
Bind in a French braid by inexperienced hands
A day before.

Rosy pink lips, largely untouched
Sumptuous, curvaceous
Never got what they truly deserved
Tasting the salt of tears.

The light orange-cremish gown
Meant for high born ladies
but suits her so well, as if
She were one herself.

As she walks down the bridge road
With water flowing under her
and a gush of emotions through her
She has come to belief that this is the end of all
She has set forth, determined, to put an end
to this life of humility and disrespect.

Let there be light, let their be free will
Let there be life full of grace, smiles and care,
If not in this world than may be the other…




Jo nahi kaha tujhe aaj tak, 
wo aaj kah du to kya ho,
Shayad ek kayamat ho 
jisme bah jaaye mai or tu…
ya is veerane me 
aaj saawan meharbaan ho jaye…




Those black pearls from deep sea
the dots of glitter
shining like some far away star;
twinkles of joy
and shadows of despair
lie deep within.

A blink is like thousand words
or a poem unsaid.
‘Lovely’ is an understatement
and ‘beautiful’ doesnt describe
even fraction of what you are.

You redefine beauty
with the unparallel charm you possess.

You are the poet in your own being.


It rains in my heart

Some time in life
I want to walk down the beach
holding beer in one hand
and your hand in other
sitting on beach shacks watching the Sun set.

I will look into your eyes
and press your hands gently. . .
You smile. . .Image
you look at me. . .
Its getting darker but you don’t want to go. .
With your closed eyes and head on my shoulder. . .
Letting the wind gush thru your ears. .
Feeling the warmth divine
Am playing with your hairs. . .
Enjoying your sweet fragrance. . .
Yours hairs are flying in air. . .
You are so engrossed in me
that you don’t care. ..

By the time your glass is empty. . .
Your legs moving on dry sand. . .
And I enjoy watching you
More than any wine in the world
Your smell is good enough to make me high
Your smile to make me fall.. .
And when you utter. . .

It rains in my heart.


Return to Innocence


Return to Innocence
this is how we started
and went on…

guided by these buttons,
Hate… jealous…
came in.
and we lost…we lost.
then came the light
the guiding light
road to the inner self.

Listen to yourself
the soul is still pure
listen to your heart
feel the innocence
return to innocence.


lafzo se mila
lafzo ka kafila
kuch tumne kaha
kuch humne kaha.Image

har ek lafz se
kuch baat ban jayegi,

yuhi chalte hue
raah mil jayegi…



kabhi kabhi na milke bhi

koi khas ho jayega…

Khas na hoke bhi
koi chah ban jayega…


In anjaan chahto se ghiri hai zindgi,

jane kis rah pe kon choot jayega…


Time to tie the knot...


Looking for your best wishes.

Anuj Shail Gupt


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