It rains in my heart

Some time in life
I want to walk down the beach
holding beer in one hand
and your hand in other
sitting on beach shacks watching the Sun set.

I will look into your eyes
and press your hands gently. . .
You smile. . .Image
you look at me. . .
Its getting darker but you don’t want to go. .
With your closed eyes and head on my shoulder. . .
Letting the wind gush thru your ears. .
Feeling the warmth divine
Am playing with your hairs. . .
Enjoying your sweet fragrance. . .
Yours hairs are flying in air. . .
You are so engrossed in me
that you don’t care. ..

By the time your glass is empty. . .
Your legs moving on dry sand. . .
And I enjoy watching you
More than any wine in the world
Your smell is good enough to make me high
Your smile to make me fall.. .
And when you utter. . .

It rains in my heart.


Return to Innocence


Return to Innocence
this is how we started
and went on…

guided by these buttons,
Hate… jealous…
came in.
and we lost…we lost.
then came the light
the guiding light
road to the inner self.

Listen to yourself
the soul is still pure
listen to your heart
feel the innocence
return to innocence.


lafzo se mila
lafzo ka kafila
kuch tumne kaha
kuch humne kaha.Image

har ek lafz se
kuch baat ban jayegi,

yuhi chalte hue
raah mil jayegi…



kabhi kabhi na milke bhi

koi khas ho jayega…

Khas na hoke bhi
koi chah ban jayega…


In anjaan chahto se ghiri hai zindgi,

jane kis rah pe kon choot jayega…


Time to tie the knot...


Looking for your best wishes.

Anuj Shail Gupt

Waiting for you…


Deedar pe tere, kyu ruk gayi hai ye nazar
or har pal ruk ruk ke, kyu tujko tarasta hai ye dil,
ajao ab bhi ae mere hamsafar
qayamat to kya, ab nahi maut ka bhi dar.


Your Life, My Life

“Alka, I told you na, we have to be there in the wedding. It’s not just about the marriage; it’s about my responsibilities towards the extended family. “I told my wife Alka, as I was entering the metro station on my way to office. Thanks to the good old soul who conceptualised the smart card entry in the metro, I thought as I was going past the ticket window with a long queue of people.

“No…No. I can’t leave you alone here. I don’t believe this city… the people here”. I reached the platform in no time and was standing on platform still talking to my wife. Being the second station from starting, I generally get a seat on my way to office.

“Yea, just boarded the train. Did you have your breakfast before leaving for college?” “No, this discussion is useless. We have to go and that’s final.” I disconnected the call in a flustered. The people in office can surely expect a tough day. Out of no fault of them, they will be prosecuted for smallest of mistakes by me, reason being my bad mood.

Amita, any status updates? I saw the gentle man sitting beside me writing an sms. I just happened to peep into his cell while feeling furious. Is his wife expecting or it’s the share market he is inquiring? Is it some important contract? He wrote the name first, writing the name first doesn’t seem to be a personal message. My mind got busy in the endless mystery of the message sender. Suddenly his phone rang…

Amita calling…

“Hey Amita, any updates from them? Did they call?” he asked inquisitively.

Oh! I hope it’s not some new demand this time. It feels like it’s a world of hungry monsters.” He said in a half anger half depressed tone and disconnected.

So his married daughter must be facing some issues with in-laws or is it about a marriage proposal being discussed; may be a government contract. I was busy thinking about all this and I happened to see the person on my other side working on his laptop. He closed an excel sheet and started writing a mail.

Dear Team

Life is a journey which never ends. We meet people, good and bad; We get varied experiences and mature in the process. In continuation to my journey of life, I have decided to move on and take up another opportunity out of the organization but this not at all means that our relation ends here.

This team is like a baby as I have grew it from scratch. You guys were fresh from colleges and we nurtured you to the best of our abilities. You all have tried your best to become an integral part of the team and proved to be a valuable resource to the team and the organization. With my team leaders- Anish, Rahul & Daman, we have given you tough times to prepare you for the worst and you all have taken it head-on and proved your mettle.

 I have been the guiding force but you are the warriors. I wish you all the very best for your lives and career. Continue to be the real warriors as always. Feel free to catch up or drop me a mail in case you need any help or guidance.

Never say die. Never say bye.

Rohan Patel

RM- Sales & Marketing

I could see Mr. Rohan’s face speaking of his heavy heart as he pressed the send button.

“Next station is Udyog Vihar”, the announcement was made. My destination. I got ready to get down and so the first person beside me.

Suddenly I got a call on my cell.

Alka calling…


“I told you na I can’t leave you here. You have to come with me.”

The train halted and I got down from the train.

“But why don’t you understand. It’s not safe. And above all, mom wants you to attend this marriage.” I said as I was climbing the stairs of the metro station.


(Image courtesy: Google)

जाने दुनिया के किस हिस्से मे
करे तू इंतेज़ार मेरा…
तू ना जाने यही आस पास
करे कोई इंतेज़ार तेरा…

तू दूर है पर तेरी खुश्बू
पास है मेरे.
तू कही नही पर तेरा साथ
चाहिए मुझे.

मैं यहाँ, तू कहाँ
नहीं तेरा नाम-ओ-निशा
आ मिल जा मुझे
समा जा मुझमे
की मैं ही तेरा आशियाँ.


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